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    • finest wood : Rosewood, Bubinga, Black walnut, Australia, and Kevazingo.

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    • Two finish : Rosewood or American Black Walnut.

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    • Homemade : Each furnishing can be considered as unique.

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    • Traditional manufacturing : mortise and tenon, dovetails and floating panels.

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    • Accessories designed and manufactured by Starbay.

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    • Handles and corner reinforcement are flush : perfect integration

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    • Detail requirements : the slots in the screw heads are perfectly aligned

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    • Knobs & Starbay’s logo are made of bone engraved with a needle and inked.

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    • All these features are our signature.


The finest woods
Our creations are crafted from the finest species of wood : Rosewood, Sapelli Black Walnut, Australia and Red Grandis.
Manufacturing and finish
Each piece of furniture may be regarded as unique. Our highly-qualified cabinetmakers use traditional manufacturing techniques : tenon and mortise, dovetail joints and floating panels. We thus ensure enduring quality for each piece of furniture, made by the book, in accordance with standard practice.
Our varnishers then apply glossy varnish with the greatest care. Depending on the collection, the finish is either made of rosewood or of Black Walnut.
The full-grain leather is given an old-style patina and the handles are topstitched. Handles, corners and brass hinges are inlaid, therefore perfectly well-fitted to the piece of furniture, and giving connoisseurs great pleasure to the touch.
Depending on the collection, the cast brass is either polished or chromed. Our exacting attention to detail is such, that, for instance, the slots of the screw heads are perfectly lined up. Knobs and Starbay’s logo are made of natural bone and engraved with a needle, then carefully inked.

Care, precision, refinement : this is the Starbay signature

Starbay with its furniture stores and its website, is a manufacturer who is the recognized specialist of marine furniture and travel furniture. Our collections of dining room, storage box, storage case and leather armchairs are inspired by the world of luxury liners, high-end sailing, long-distance merchant marine and the spirit of distant ports of call . Starbay brings to your interior the essence of the journey. Our marine and travel furniture are an opening to the world. The furniture is the combination of rosewood  cabinet and balck walnut furniture . We use Noble woods, rosewood . Our creations are made from the most refined wood species rosewood, , black walnut, rosewood. Our starbay furniture in rosewood and black walnut high-end such as the coffee table offer a wide range of products And finish of very high standing Each starbay furniture in rosewood and black walnut cabinet as our bed's  side table or night table can be considered as a single piece. Our highly skilled cabinet makers apply the traditional manufacturing techniques: tenon-mortise, dovetails and floating panels and varnishes to the stamp We guarantee for every Starbay furniture, whether it is a tv stand, rosewood desk and leather, a dressing table with mirror or an armchair, a coffee table made according to the rules of the art, longevity and stability. The ceiling fan in wood, the secretary cabinet, the TV cabinet as well as entrance furniture which gives the touch a real pleasure. the designers of Starbay created a collection of nautical furniture and travel furniture inspired by the furniture of marine that they declined in hifi furniture, tv design furniture, and Cabinet of storage, weekly chest with a chair or wooden stools. Only the best materials have caught our attention in our office furniture and library furniture without forgetting our furniture bibus cabinet and convenient. From this delicate alchemy is born the Esprit Starbay with its furniture vanities We make today so that it remains and inscribes in each of our creations. Wanting to present all the Starbay collections in beautiful and wide spaces that are entirely dedicated to them, we have five  Paris furniture store . First of all the huge furniture store STARBAY in the south of Paris, located in Ste Geneviève des Bois, ZAC de la Croix Blanche, our furniture store in Brittany in the west of France in Rennes, near Nantes, Brest , Vannes, the furniture store Starbay in the south of France next to Nice, Cannes, the furniture store Starbay to the west of Paris in the town of Orgeval, and finally the furniture store Starbay in Paris, In the center, in the heart of the capital Boulevard de Sébastopol. You will be welcomed by all our Starbay teams You can now discover and order your furniture by visiting us in our furniture store, whenever you want, in peace and on-line, by exploring our e-commerce website Com. We ship daily our furniture vanity, canopy bed and double bed  or dinning table with  rosewood chair and walnut armchair all over the world, all our know-how is present: Made in  rosewood cabinet or walnut wood of precious wood species such as rosewood the finish is Also in Rosewood and varnish to the pad. The handles and studded cladding are made of leather. Corner reinforcements, brass clasps and label holders. The Starbay Logo engraved bone with needle and then inked is on each tv stand. Starbay .com is the biggest choice of trunk bar also known as bar furniture such as these magnificent and elegant dressing table with miror and furniture with mirror very functional, panel screen with folding screens provided privacy and partitioned the rooms while filtering out sunlight. the travel dresser Marie-Galante closes and unfolds in an instant, thus revealing any His fancy. Starbay is the largest collection of high-end tv furniture with its furniture stores including this shoe furniture that allows the storage of shoes. Also, you can discover our  rosewood coffee table like the Magellan coffee table up and down with An  ingenious height-adjustable furniture 

Also, in the spirit of what the malletiers made for the Great Travelers, this elegant and practical bar furniture Iin rosewood a or walnut wood will highlight your liqueurs, glasses services as well as carafes. Our chest of drawers also express the colonial atmosphere, that of the Indies with the sideboard most of our trunk bars have a location for a champagne bucket. Chic ambiance for this remarkable New York bar a cocktail bar. We would like to introduce you to the bar Malawi, it is a Bar counter with Bottle rack. Face is full grain leather. In the nautical cabinet, the display case and the his chest cabinet that is both a bar and a low table lift, offers many clever storage as Starbay coffee table is the precious rosewood wood;  Hand-made furniture such as the starbay bed, the two-seater Borneo bed king size 180 cm ,  bed queen size 160 cm bed, and even 200-sided bed with its decoration of the head and the foot of the bed with double shutters. Starbay's Madagascar canopy bed, Ideal in the warm tropical nights the four-poster bed when combined with a bedside table or night table. In the furniture of style,our display cabinet and our bokshelf with three shelves and two drawers in rosewood or modular bookcase in black walnut wood is perfect for its size as an extra piece of furniture with among others our solid wood table rosewood, and piece of furniture side table of Starbay .We could not close this chapter without even talking to you about our ceiling fan, among the most beautiful existing wood ceiling fan, associated with our modular wall,furniture valet clothes superb wearing rosewood clothing is beautiful. Don’t forget the marco polo bookcase in rosewood or black walnut it  will soon be essential to store books and ornamentsthe entertainment  center is perfect with Handles, corners and brass hinges, the valet stand with his three-level, rounded-shaped,  understated valet will take care of your clothes like the folding luggage stand  with leather support straps.The night stand or side table has an Originally designed as a beside cabinet, it is often used a side table in the living-room. Starbay is also the bigest collection of make up trunk with mirror, our dressing table with mirror are amazing. The Malaga is a Rounded wardrobe trunk that is a dressing cabinet. We have a shose rack cabinet This is a stunning trunk that stands high and has a great capacity. It will equally accomodate your shoes and your boots, very nice shoe storage.The Biarritz his understated item wil be either a console cabinet or a sofa table as this end table or side table all rounded end table whith faux-croc white canvas covering.

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