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A homemade
    • Esprit Starbay Fabrication 01.jpg
    • finest wood : Rosewood, Bubinga, Black walnut, Australia, and Kevazingo.

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    • Two finish : Rosewood or American Black Walnut.

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    • Homemade : Each furnishing can be considered as unique.

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    • Traditional manufacturing : mortise and tenon, dovetails and floating panels.

    • Esprit Starbay Fabrication 05.jpg
    • Accessories designed and manufactured by Starbay.

    • Esprit Starbay Fabrication 02.jpg
    • Handles and corner reinforcement are flush : perfect integration

    • ND S046 IMG 0006.jpg
    • Detail requirements : the slots in the screw heads are perfectly aligned

    • Esprit Starbay Fabrication 06.jpg
    • Knobs & Starbay’s logo are made of bone engraved with a needle and inked.

    • Esprit Starbay Fabrication 10.jpg
    • All these features are our signature.


When the material serves creation.

When inspiration blossoms in the escape brought by travelling.

When the hand lifts the tool to create a lasting piece of work.

Style and contemporary life are then united.

In the beginning, over twenty years ago, wiser for their experience as globe-trotters and aesthetes, the Starbay designers created a collection of furniture reminiscent of last century’s « Great Discoveries ». Nautical furniture inspired by the Royal Navy, the merchant navy, but also by the world of luxury water-sports as well as from their own travel diairies.

Only the noblest natural materials held their attention. 

This subtle alchemy gave birth to the Starbay Spirit.

Today, we see to it that it remains and is part of each of our creations.

Willing to introduce to you the whole Starbay collections in beautiful and vast places fully dedicated to them, Shogun historical partner of Starbay’s, has acquired/purchased this prestigious brand.

Shogun, specialised in the manufacturing and sale of furniture for 40 years, produces and sells directly the Starbay creations at the best price.

From now on, you can discover and order your furniture either by visiting our stores or by browsing our e-commerce website.

The Starbay team.


The finest woods

Our creations are crafted from the finest species of wood : Rosewood, Sapelli Black Walnut, Australia and Red Grandis.
Manufacturing and finish
Each piece of furniture may be regarded as unique. Our highly-qualified cabinetmakers use traditional manufacturing techniques : tenon and mortise, dovetail joints and floating panels. We thus ensure enduring quality for each piece of furniture, made by the book, in accordance with standard practice.
Our varnishers then apply glossy varnish with the greatest care. Depending on the collection, the finish is either made of rosewood or of Black Walnut.


The full-grain leather is given an old-style patina and the handles are topstitched. Handles, corners and brass hinges are inlaid, therefore perfectly well-fitted to the piece of furniture, and giving connoisseurs great pleasure to the touch.
Depending on the collection, the cast brass is either polished or chromed. Our exacting attention to detail is such, that, for instance, the slots of the screw heads are perfectly lined up. Knobs and Starbay’s logo are made of natural bone and engraved with a needle, then carefully inked.

Care, precision, refinement : this is the Starbay signature

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